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Advanced Natal & Personality Profile
(40-Page Professional Report)
This Report Is Included In The Astro Deluxe Package
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HOROSCOPE This Report Provides Detailed Explanations Of A Persons Greatest Strengths, Motivations, And True Purpose In Life.
Horoscope Use The Information In This Report To Learn About Your Strengths, Challenges, And Personality Characteristics. This Valuable Information Can Help You To Better Understand Yourself Or Someone Else.
horoscopes This Report Is Invaluable To Have On A Spouse Or Mate, Or Potential Spouse.
This Report Covers Your Appearance, Possessions, Home, Family, Security, Creativity, Responsibility, Work, Health, Relationships, Business Savvy, Philosophy, Dreams, Visions..... It Delves Into The Real YOU Like No One Else Can.
This Report Also Covers The Following
Your Challenges & Abilities Throughout Life Patterns and Changes In Your Life
Major Life Periods Your Life's Overview
Your Talents Your Inner and Outer Self
Your Personal Background Your Inner Most Qualities
Discover How You Appear To Others Major Transits Currently Happening
Your Soul Type Your Current Situation
Your Inner Nature Understand Your True Purpose In Life
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6-Month Future Forecast
(30-Page Professional Report)
This Report Is Included In The Astro Deluxe Package
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Learn Of Major Events About To Happen In Your Life.
Transform Challenges Into Opportunities & Develop Your Plan For The Next 6-Months.
Gain Valuable Insights Into Timing To Maximize Your Opportunities.
Be Aware Of Your "Up Times" And Focus Your Positive Energies During Challenging Periods.
Your Six Month Future Forecast Provides A Detailed Explanation Of The Major Planetary Aspects Happening In Your Life.
You Now Have The Ability To Change Your Future By Knowing What Is About To Happen In Your Life.
You Can Now Be Aware Of When Certain Periods In Your Future Begin And End And Which Aspects In Your Chart Are The Strongest.
You Can Look Ahead To See Challenges That Are Ahead. You Can Be Aware Of Periods Of Stress, Calm, Growth, And The Easy Times That Are About To Occur.
If You Want To Know What The Stars Have To Say About The Next Six Months Of Your Life... You'll Want To Have This Report.
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graphics/heart.gif - 4.9 K Relationship Compatibility Report graphics/heart.gif - 4.9 K
(25-Page Professional Report)
This Report Is Included In The Astro Deluxe Package
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You Do Not Need To Be In A Relationship At This Time To Have This Report Done. This Report Can Be Created For Friends, Business Associates or Lovers (Including Same Sex Relationships).
Find Out Just How Strong This Relationship Can Be.
Find Out How You Approach Relationships In General.
Find Out What Character Traits You Have That Affect All Your Relationships.
Discover How You Relate Or Will Relate To Your Partner, And How You Look At Things.
Discover How Your Partner Relates Or Will Relate To You, And How He Or She Looks At Things.
Discover Why You Respond Or Will Respond To Your Mate In Certain Ways.
Gain Insight Into Your Relationship With Your Mate, Family Members, Friends, Or Potential Associates.
Compares Two Personal Horoscopes In Detail And Provides In-Depth Information As To What Is Happening Between You Astrologically.
Find Out If You Are Sexually Compatible With Your Lover Or Potential Lover.
Read What Others Have To Say About Tamara's Relationship Compatibility Report Under The "Comments" Section. This Report Is A Must Have Whether You're Starting A New Relationship, Thinking Of Starting A New Relationship, Having Trouble In Your Current Relationship, Just Recently Ended A Relationship, Thinking Of Marriage, Or Searching For Your Soul Mate.
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Karmic Past Life Report
This Report Is Included In The New Age Deluxe Package
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The Effects Of Past Life Experiences Can Carry Over Into Your Current Life, Accounting for Interest, Habits, Even Phobias Which Would Defy Explanation By Conventional Methods.
This Report Examines Possible Past Life Connections Using Astrological Methods.
In Traditional Astrology, The Twelfth House Represents Yourself-Undoing, Hidden Matters, And The Subconscious Process. It Is Believed That We Carry Karmic Memories In Our Subconscious, And That These Subconscious Memories Can Undermined Our Current Life Efforts.
When We Remove The Walls Created By Subconscious Fears And Guilt, We Find That The Path To Personal Transformation Lies Beyond.
Get To Know Your Past Selves With This Report... It Will Help You Greatly Understand This Lifetime And Why Certain Things Have Transpired In This Lifetime The Way That They Have. This Report Can Be Very Revealing And Enlightening.
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Vocational/Occupation/Career Report
This Report Is Included In The New Age Deluxe Package
Receive this report for $10.99 when ordered in New Age Deluxe Package

This Report Is Designed To Serve As A Guide In Finding Your True Vocation (Perfect Job).
At The Same Time, An Analysis Of Your Personal Characteristics, Strengths or Inhibitions, Unused Potential, Karma, Creativity, Ability To Earn Money.
Throughout This Report Numerous Suggestions Of Possible Vocations Or Professions Related To Your Astrological Influences Are Outlined.
Order This Report To Help You Find Your Perfect Career. Your Emotions, Creativity, Hidden Talents, And Mentality All Play An Important Part In Finding Your Perfect Career. This Report Is Very Helpful In Guiding You In Your Career Choices. This Report May Help You Leave Behind That Current Job That You're Unhappy With And Move On To A More Fulfilling Career.
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Relocation/Vacation/Business Trip Report
This Report Is Included In The New Age Deluxe Package
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Whenever You Plan A Vacation, Are Going To Visit Friends, On A Business Trip, Or Planning On A Place To Relocate To, You Can Refer To The Analysis Given In This Report.
The City You Live In - How It Plays A Part In Your Life's Direction - Maybe It's Time To Move.
Thinking Of Going On Vacation? Find Out Which Vacation Spot Would Be More Astrologically In-Line.
Planning An Important Business Trip? Find Out Which City Is More Astrologically Compatible.
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Hidden Messages Report
This Report Is Included In The New Age Deluxe Package
Receive this report for $10.99 when ordered in New Age Deluxe Package

We Are All Looking For Unconditional Love. Most Of Us Never Got It. When We Fall In Live We Think, "Now, Finally, Here Is Someone Who Will Give Me The (Unconditional) Love I've Always Wanted".
So We Marry. Then It Starts --- Because We're Not Programmed For Love. Instead, We Are Programmed To Duplicate Our Parent's Relationship. Because Of This Programming, Even If We Found Someone Who Loved Us Unconditionally, We Would Have To Push Them Away.
How Can We Attract What We Are Not Programmed To Receive? We Can't --- Until We Take A Conscious Look At What We Are Programmed To Attract. Only Then Can We Change Our Lives. This Report Is Designed To Help Us Do Just That.
Are Childhood's Teach Us Certain Ways Of Looking At Things That Are Not Always In Our Best Interest. Find Out What Negative, Hidden Messages You May Have Been Programmed With So That You May Undo Some Of Your Negative Childhood Programming That You Are Probably Unaware Of.
Our Hidden Messages Are So Deeply Ingrained In Our Subconscious That We Respond To Them Unknowingly. For Example, If One Of Your Hidden Messages Is That You Cannot Be Happy While A Family Member Is Unhappy, You Will Find That You Are Never Happy Because There Is Always Someone That Needs Your Help.
Hidden Messages From Your Childhood Can Profoundly Affect Your Feelings And Actions Throughout Your Life.
Free Yourself Of Fear, Guilt, Depression, And Self Defeating Behaviors. Free Yourself And Forgive Yourself With The Revelations Of The Hidden Message Report.
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Flower Essence & Gem Stone Report
This Report Is Included In The New Age Deluxe Package
Receive this report for $10.99 when ordered in New Age Deluxe Package

Using Astrology, Flower Essences, Gem Stones and Gem Elixirs, Color, Music, Aromatherapy, Visualization, And Other Methods, One Can Transform Difficult Patterns In One's Life And Manifest More Of One's Positive Potentials.
Issues That One May Have Struggled With For Years Can Be Eased Using The "Vibrational" Tools Talked About In This Report. Long-Buried Talents And Loves Can Be Awakened.
Many Of The Tools Suggested In This Report, Including Astrology, Work On The Energy Bodies, The Chakras, And the Aura.
Introducing The Energy Pattern Of A Flower, Plant, Gem or Mineral Into One's Aura Directly Affects Ones Emotional And Mental Energies, And Over A Period Of Time This Promotes Long-Lasting Changes.
In The Back Of This Report You'll Find A Listing Of Resources Where You Can Obtain The Flower Essences, Gem Stones, And Aromatherapy Products Suggested For You. There Are Also Other Tips And Instructions Included.
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Children's Advanced Natal & Personality Profile
(50-60 Page Professional Report)

This Report Is A Personal Horoscope Written Specifically For Children Showing The Astrological Outlook For The Selected Child.
If Describes Your Child's World --- Family, Educational Inclinations, And Emerging Identity.
By Spotting Both Talents And Possible Changes In Advance, You Can Help Your Child To Lead A fulfilled Life.
This Report Is Perfect For Newborns, But Just As Suitable For The Young Teen In Your Family.
You'll Read About Your Child's Special Skills And His or Her Relationship With You.
This Is A Must Have Report For All Parents And Grandparents. Makes A Wonderful Gift To A New Parent.
This Report Will Help You To Provide For Your Child The Most Encouraging Environment Possible. It Will Help Guide You In What Your Child Needs Most To Be Happy And Successful In Life. It Will Help You To Understand Your Child's Particular Needs And How To Deal With Them, And Help You To Be The Best Parent You Can Be. Your Child Is Born With Special, Unique Talents, But With Young Children It May Be Difficult To Spot What Those Talents Are. Take Advantage Of The Insights Into Your Child That Astrology Can Offer And Order This Report Today.
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Three Month Day-By-Day

Find Out What The Day Holds Astrologically On A Daily Basis.
Be Aware Of Your Up Times And Focus Your Positive Energies During Challenging Periods.
This Report Is Like Reading Your Daily Horoscope In The News Paper - Except That It Is Based On Your Exact Birth Information And Gives You A Truer Reading On What The Day May Hold.
Order This Report Today For a Daily Horoscope Reading That Will Help You Plan Each And Every Day For The Next Three Months.
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Free Gift With Purchase Of Astro Deluxe Package

A 15-Page In-Depth Look At Astrology -- A Report Explaining How A Natal Chart Is Created. The Report Explains The Four Elements In A Chart, The Three Modalities, The Aspects, The Planets, And Their Meanings In A Chart. The Different Sun Signs And The Characteristics Of Each. The Chart Wheel, And The Zodiac, Along With Definitions Of Each House In The Zodiac. This Is A Report Every Astrology Enthusiast Should Have.




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